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Terms & Conditions of Sale

Placing orders

·      Orders should be placed via phone, email or using our online ordering system.

·      The order notice times relate to when we have received your order so please leave a message or send an email with your order if there is no answer over the phone.


Notice Periods

Cold food, under 20:  11am day before delivery

Cold food, over 20 :  48 hours

Breakfast:  48 hours

Hot Food:  7 days (3 days for cancellations)


·      If you are in urgent need of an order but are outside the notice period please call us and we may be able to help, however the menu is likely to be reduced.

·      Once an order has been placed the order contact will receive an order confirmation via email.

·      It is the responsibility of the order contact to check the details of order confirmation and request an amendment if they are incorrect.



Cancellations and Amendment of Orders

·      Cancellations after the notice periods listed above may be subject to a charge of up to 100% of total order cost.

·      We can generally make amendments up to 24 hours before delivery and are happy to accommodate small fluctuations in numbers or dietary requirements.


Dietary Requirements

·      We cater to almost all dietary requirements, but these must be specified at time of ordering.

·      In particular it is the responsibility of the order contact to report any serious allergies (as opposed to preferences) at time of ordering so that food can be prepared safely.


Payment Terms

·      Payment terms are as agreed with the opening of the account.

·      Late payments could result in your account being put on hold until payment is made.


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